• Responsible Regulation to Benefit the Economy and the Environment

    April 3, 2019: Responsible Regulation to Benefit the Economy and the Environment

    In a National News article last week, Indigenous leaders in Canada representing over 130 communities involved in the oil and gas sector spoke out about two proposed bills that they feel will leave their “communities in poverty.”

    Members of Aboriginal Equity Partners and the Indian Resource Council were in Ottawa to express their dissatisfaction with the proposed Oil Tanker Moratorium (Bill C-48) and the proposed Impact Assessment Act (Bill C-69).

    What’s thought-provoking about this issue is that the leaders say that the legislation will prevent communities, who are conducting or trying to conduct “responsible oil production” on their territories, from receiving “the full value of our resources.”

    In my opinion, the key takeaway from this piece is a statement from Bruce Dumont, former president of the B.C. Metis Nation, stating that the Canadian federal government needs to find a balance between the economy and the environment.

    This is about responsible regulation – which is exactly what ONE Future is focusing on. The goal of our coalition is focusing on science-based tactics to ensure natural resources are safely utilized for the benefit of the communities, customers and investors that they are involved.

    Dumont said dozens of oil and gas-producing communities are losing “$200-million each year in royalties, compared to 2012, due to the price deferential and a lack of pipeline access for the products.”

    ONE Future has and will continue to show that responsible regulation like the ONE Future performance-based approach to reducing methane emissions can create a win-win scenario not only for the communities where our members operate, but also for the customers and investors we serve.

    Richard Hyde, Executive Director

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