Xcel Energy, Crestone Peak Resources, and Project Canary Form Certified Low-Emission Intensity Natural Gas Partnership Program

ONE Future members Crestone Peak Resources (Crestone) and Xcel Energy (Xcel) made a recent announcement that Xcel will purchase certified low-emission intensity natural gas produced by Crestone for use in its Colorado operations. The partnership between Colorado’s largest energy provider and a leading energy producer in Colorado comes amid growing interest in using environment, social, and governance (ESG) information to drive more sustainable natural gas production, transportation, and use.

Xcel Energy was the first major U.S. power producer to announce its vision to deliver 100% carbon-free electricity by 2050 and is now deploying a leading strategy to reduce methane and carbon dioxide emissions throughout its natural gas supply chain.

To meet responsibly sourced gas (RSG) requirements, Denver-based Crestone will utilize Project Canary’s independent, real-time methane emissions monitoring and TrustWell™ certification process. Crestone is the first Colorado producer to utilize the TrustWell certification on 100 percent of current production volumes. Given their shared focus on environmental protection, sustainability, and responsibility, it is fitting that these three companies have come together in this project to help build the market for RSG in Colorado and beyond. The actions they are taking today will deliver long-term benefits for consumers, energy producers, and the environment.

To read the full press release, please visit the Crestone website.