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When you join ONE Future, you join a member-driven coalition of problem solvers. There are many reasons to lower emissions, we subscribe to performance and science-based standards to reduce methane emissions to maintain the competitiveness of natural gas. Because of our technical expertise across the natural gas value chain and collaboration with academia and policy makers, we are able to achieve the objective of voluntarily lowering emissions in the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner.

With one goal in mind, each member company has the flexibility to deploy their capital where it will be maximally effective in reducing emissions. For one company that may be deploying an innovative technology, for another modifying a work practice, or another retiring an asset. To demonstrate credible and measurable results, ONE Future companies agree to measure their emissions and track their progress over time according to uniform, EPA-approved reporting protocols.

We all have the common goal of ensuring that the natural gas we use in this country is produced, transported and retailed with maximal efficiency. We are working to minimize methane emissions at every point in the U.S. natural gas supply chain and intend to achieve and sustain greater than 99% efficiency across our operations – a proposition which ensures that our customers and shareholders will realize greater value.

To achieve this goal, ONE Future members have developed a unique private-public partnership under the EPA’s Methane Challenge, whereby members have the option to participate in the Methane Challenge program and demonstrate credible and measurable results by estimating their methane emissions and tracking their progress toward the Coalition’s one-percent methane intensity goal.

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