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2023 Annual Report on Calendar Year 2022 Methane Intensities


Letter from the Executive Director

ONE Future is pleased to present its sixth Annual Methane Intensity Report, highlighting the success of more than 50 member companies in reducing methane emissions and our collaborative approach to continuous improvement.

The data underscores that our science-based, performance-focused approach is successful in helping our members prevent, find, and fix methane emissions in a cost-effective manner, demonstrating that we don’t have to choose between tackling climate change and providing the affordable natural gas Americans rely on every day.

The coalition has surpassed its 2025 target of 1% methane intensity for all six years of reporting ahead of schedule. In 2022, our members achieved a collective methane intensity of 0.421%, a 10% decrease from 2021 results. Our goal is not only to continue to drive down methane emissions, but to measure emissions more precisely than ever before. That’s why we are investing in advanced detection, monitoring, and measurement technologies and practices to continue contributing to global emissions reductions goals.

Over the past year, we’ve been reminded of the global importance of American natural gas as our industry stepped up to the plate to help meet Europe’s energy needs. Our member companies are providing affordable, reliable, and cleaner energy around the world. Our innovation will help accelerate the energy transition and advance a lower-emissions future. Our 2023 study of member company activity shows that our material gains in emissions reductions have come from deployment of advanced leak detection technologies such as aerial and satellite based spectrometry and Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR), ultrasonic listening devices, and compressor vent line alarms to enhance detection and measurement.

We continue to advocate for and invest in research to improve emissions management technology and practices by partnering with the academic and scientific community.

As part of our commitment to increased transparency and accuracy of measurement practices, the coalition and its members continue to substantially invest in GTI Energy’s Veritas Initiative, a standardized, science-based, technology-neutral, measurement-informed approach to calculating and reporting methane emissions. In the latter half of 2023, several member companies conducted demonstration projects to test newly released protocols, aimed at improving consistency and credibility in emissions measurement and calculations.

As an extension of our mission, we awarded five $10,000 scholarships again this year to the next generation of innovators and leaders who will contribute to the sustainable development of the natural gas industry. Alongside these scholarships, we announced our annual ONE Future Awards recipients, organizations who have made material contributions to emissions reduction in the natural gas industry.

In closing, it’s an honor to serve a coalition of companies whose culture demonstrates that they are committed to ensuring the future of natural gas as a long-term affordable and sustainable fuel source by reducing methane emissions intensity and enhancing measurement and reporting. I look forward to continued partnership and all that we will continue to achieve in the coming year as an industry.



Jim Kibler
Executive Director


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