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ONE Future Awards

Our mission is to ensure the future of natural gas as a long-term sustainable fuel and to help preserve the industry’s leadership in energy production and emissions reduction. Our annual awards recognize individuals and organizations who step up to meet the challenges our industry faces with a focus on positive environmental impact.

Congratulations to our 2023 award winners:

Technology of the Year

Technology of the Year

ONE Future Scholarships

Each year we award five $10,000 scholarships to college students studying engineering, computer science, or public policy, focusing on the natural gas industry. Through these grants, we aim to support and encourage the next generation of innovators and leaders who will contribute to the sustainable growth and development of the natural gas industry.

By investing in these promising students, the coalition seeks to foster a skilled workforce that will drive advancements in technology, policy, and environmental stewardship within the natural gas sector.

Congratulations to our 2023 scholarship recipients.

One Future Awards