ONE Future Member, Atmos Energy, Donates $1.5M to Feed Families

April 1, 2020

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, ONE Future member Atmos Energy announced it will donate $1.5 million to restock local food banks around the country that support families affected by the outbreak. The donation will be made through the Atmos Energy/Robert W. Best Charitable Giving Fund and will help to feed millions of students who otherwise depend on food programs at their schools to eat.

Kevin Akers, Atmos Energy president and CEO, commented, “More than 3 million U.S. workers filed for unemployment benefits last week alone, and many of those are parents with children who rely on school food programs for breakfast and lunch every day. While many will be left wondering how to pay rent, afford medical bills or make the next car payment, we envision this crucial support will help remove some of the mystery around where those folks might find their next meal. We greatly value our existing partnerships with so many well-respected local organizations nationwide, and this is one way that Atmos Energy can further aid those in our communities who need a helping hand.”

Two organizations among the many that will benefit directly from this donation are North Texas Food Bank (NTFB) and CitySquare, both of which will be empowered to amplify their reach as a result of this donation.

North Texas Food Bank is charged with closing the hunger gap in 13 counties and represents just one example of the many organizations that will benefit from this donation around the country. Every dollar donated to NTFB provides access to three healthy meals, and 94 percent of every dollar goes directly to hunger relief programs.

Trisha Cunningham, president and CEO of the North Texas Food Bank, commented, “In just a few short weeks we have seen the need for food assistance skyrocket across North Texas. With layoffs and furloughs across so many sectors, the Food Bank mobilized quickly to meet the demand for food while ensuring that our distribution methods keep our staff and the neighbors, we serve safe. This switch was critical but meant increased costs for food banks to meet the demand. These gifts from Atmos Energy will be instrumental in helping us continue to meet community needs, we are extremely grateful.”

John Siburt, president and COO of CitySquare, commented, “We are so grateful to Atmos Energy and its employees for their support of our mission. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused record numbers of families in North Texas to face food insecurity, so we are exhilarated that Atmos Energy shares our passion to seek innovative and effective solutions to feed hungry children and families in the community.”

In addition to this generous donation, Atmos Energy also announced on its website that they have temporarily suspended natural gas disconnections for non-payment.

ONE Future commends the proactive efforts of Atmos Energy and is proud to have such a benevolent company as a member.

Stay healthy and well,

Richard Hyde, Executive Director