HOUSTON, Texas  – November 11, 2022 – Our Nation’s Energy Future (“ONE Future”) today announced the winners of its inaugural ONE Future Awards, held in The Woodlands, TX on November 2nd as part of its Fifth Annual Methane & Climate Workshop.

The awards were created to recognize and honor individuals who have made a lasting impact on the industry by promoting the natural gas industry and the lowering of methane emissions and the natural gas industry’s leading technology innovators that will make a lasting impact on lowering methane emissions. ONE Future also awarded five $10,000 scholarships to attract new talent to the Natural Gas industry.

“The US natural gas industry is a pillar of our economic and climate future, producing a third of US energy, playing a major role in decarbonization efforts now and in the future” said Jim Kibler, Executive Director, ONE Future. “We launched the ONE Future Awards to recognize individuals and companies who are developing innovative solutions to further advance the twin goals of climate and energy security on a global scale. Further, the program will help to attract new talent to the sector via a first-ever scholarship program from ONE Future, to ensure that top technical talent continues to consider a career in natural gas.”

The 2022 Award Winners Are:

Technology of the Year
Awarded to companies that have developed an innovative technology or solutions that have reduced methane emissions for natural gas companies.

Production: SeekOps

Midstream: ZEVAC

Transmission & Storage: Weldfit Recap

Distribution: Bridger Photonics: Gas Mapping LiDAR technology

R&D of the Year
Awarded to a commercial entity, University, non-profit or individual that is taking new approaches and finding creative solutions to reduce emissions for natural gas companies.

Dr. Sean MacMullin

Advocate of the Year
An individual in industry or academia who has had an influence on methane reduction in the natural gas industry.
Fiji George

ONE Future Scholarship Winners

Awarded to five individuals who are studying engineering, computer science, or public policy with a focus in the natural gas industry.

Blake Beecher

Abigail Clegg

Kendal Lucas

Amanda Monroe

Adam Shock

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The ONE Future Coalition is a group of more than 50 natural gas companies working together to voluntarily reduce methane emissions across the natural gas value chain to 1% (or less) by 2025 and is comprised of some of the largest natural gas production, gathering & boosting, processing, transmission & storage and distribution companies in the U.S. and represents more than 40% of the U.S. natural gas value chain.

Through the efforts of coalition members, ONE Future has surpassed its one percent goal in each of the five years that it has reported its methane intensity. The 2022 Methane Intensity Report, released in November 2022, registered an intensity level of 0.462% (versus the 2025 goal of 1.0%), beating its one percent goal by 54%. This means that methane emissions by coalition members across the natural gas value chain consisted of less than one half of one percent of all natural gas produced and delivered, demonstrating that the natural gas industry can minimize methane emissions and increase production and throughput while supplying much needed energy to the U.S. and around the globe for years to come.

About ONE Future

ONE Future was formed when seven companies came together in 2014 with a focus to collectively achieve a science-based average methane intensity across our facilities equivalent to one percent or less. Since our formation, we have grown to more than 55 companies accounting for some of the largest natural gas producers, transmission, and distribution companies in the U.S. ONE Future members operate in 16 out of the 38 production basins and have distribution operations in 39 out of the 50 states, other segments of the value chain operate in multiple regions of the country as well. Therefore, ONE Future’s data represent a geographically diverse and material share of the U.S. natural gas value chain. For more information visit Home | One Future.

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