World Oil’s Shale Tech Conference Address

December 6, 2018: World Oil’s Shale Tech Conference Address

This week I was honored to deliver the lunch time address at World Oil’s Shale Tech conference in Houston, TX. I chose the topic, Why Methane Emissions Matter; with the explanation that natural gas is a foundational fuel for today and tomorrow. I talked about how methane emissions are one issue that the industry must address for natural gas to remain a competitive fuel in an increasingly low carbon economy.

I shared ONE Future’s founding principles, our members, our efforts to reduce methane emissions and most exciting – our latest progress report, where we surpassed the original goal we set for the organization. I expressed that one of the key drivers to our success was adopting a performance-based approach to reducing emissions. ONE Future’s results demonstrate that when companies have the flexibility to deploy resources and technology in the most cost-effective and efficient manner then results are more robust and achieved more quickly.

Because I was speaking to folks in our industry, I also talked to them about how ONE Future members were focusing on three key stakeholder groups: employees, customers and investors/shareholders. If we listen to and take into account each of these groups as we reduce methane emissions, then both the environment and the competitive sustainability of natural gas would be addressed.

The presentation was very well received, and I talked to a few folks who expressed interest in our coalition. I encourage you to download the full presentation.

Until next time,

Richard Hyde, Executive Director