Paving the Way for Pipelines

April 26, 2019

Earlier this month, President Trump signed a pair of executive orders attempting to make it easier for firms to build oil and gas pipelines, and harder for state agencies to intervene.

The executive orders are a response to the oil and gas industry, which has complained that pipeline delays have slowed expanded production. Shale gas in Pennsylvania’s giant Marcellus formation has been unable to reach New England markets, and TransCanada has been unable to persuade the Nebraska Public Service Commission or federal courts to allow the completion of the Keystone XL pipeline, which would carry low-quality crude oil produced in Canada’s tar sands region.

ONE Future pipeline company members are taking steps to reduce emissions and focus on operational excellence. The Trump administration has reiterated sentiments that they have aired before, including U.S. energy “revival,” infrastructure and economic growth; and we believe we are a part of that revival.

ONE Future is proud to be using uniform, EPA-approved reporting protocols to measure methane emissions reduction – in fact, we registered a 2017 methane intensity number of 0.552%, well ahead of our goal to reach 1% by 2025. These numbers have been independently reviewed by the National Energy Technology Laboratory (a laboratory of the US DOE).

Perhaps without the same amount of attention, our efforts are also part of said “revival” – by working to make sure that natural gas is a safe, viable fuel for the future, we are happily working towards the same goal. And although we have surpassed our original goal, member companies will continue to work towards reducing emissions to improve the quality of life for all, and for a sustainable energy future.

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Richard Hyde, Executive Director