ONE Future Welcomes Berkshire Hathaway Energy!

September 13, 2018: ONE Future Welcomes Berkshire Hathaway Energy!

If you haven’t already seen the official press release, we announced today that Berkshire Hathaway Energy (BHE) Pipeline Group has joined with the coalition. BHE consists of two natural gas pipelines that operate in the Transmission and Storage Segment: Northern Natural Gas Company pipeline system stretches across 11 states, from Southern Texas to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, providing access to five of the major natural gas supply regions in North America.

With the addition of BHE, our members now account for approximately 10% of the total natural gas production, 32% of the US natural gas transmission miles and 9% of the US natural gas distribution.

Our coalition is growing, not only by companies (we are up to 15 member companies with this addition), but geographically across the country and we couldn’t be happier. Every company’s efforts count, and are important in achieving our mutual goal of reducing emissions across the natural gas chain to one percent or less by 2025.

Membership is a great step for BHE, but they have already been actively working to reduce emissions – its natural gas transmission pipelines’ operational practices and methane leak detection programs are designed to minimize the release of methane emissions. These leading practices resulted in the gas transmission pipelines’ combined leak rates, measured as a percentage of throughput, of 0.053% and 0.046% in 2016 and 2017, respectively. If you’d like to learn more about Berkshire Hathaway Energy, we encourage you to visit their website.