Oil and Gas Investor Magazine: The Greener Green Gas

The Greener Green Gas

Better together. Isn’t that true in so many situations? This thought occurred to me as I read the January issue of Oil and Gas Investor. Senior Editor, Darren Barbee interviewed Jennifer Stewart, Southwestern Energy’s Senior Vice President of Government and Regulatory Affairs, Tom Hutchins, Kinder Morgan’s Vice President Environmental, Health and Safety and me for an article that appears in this month’s issue.

Southwestern and Kinder Morgan are two of the founding members and I value the leadership that both Jennifer and Tom bring to the coalition. One of Jennifer’s more persuasive quotes was highlighted on the first page.

“Any methane that’s leaked is methane that’s not sold. So it just makes sense from a bottom-line perspective to capture it.” As simple as Jennifer’s statement is, it makes such a big impact. Our efforts together are to aid and enable each other to reduce emissions for the betterment of our environment, but it’s also for a better bottom line. As a coalition, we are working together to support our industry, but it’s also an effort that should increase profitability.

Kinder Morgan’s efforts have spanned the last 20 years, and I’m proud that the article highlights this. Tom elaborated on the company’s ongoing involvement in the EPA’s Natural Gas Star program, and how its emissions reduction efforts yielded an intensity of just 0.12%.

This article highlights how ONE Future met its goal to collectively reduce methane emissions to 1% by 2025 – eight years early. But as Tom also pointed out, “Having already met the goal, we will not rest on our laurels, we will continue to look for technologies and best practices that will allow us to continue managing and minimizing methane emissions.”

As ONE Future grows, we encourage you to consider membership to advance your company’s efforts – both environmental and financial and more importantly help the industry as a whole, as I said at the beginning of this article, we are better together and we all have the same goal in mind, a long-term sustainable natural gas industry. More information on membership is available on our website.

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Richard Hyde, Executive Director