New Group – 1% Methane by 2025!

March 21, 2019: New Group – 1% Methane by 2025!

If you are an active member of LinkedIn (and we hope that you are!), you might be interested to hear about a new group page, “1% Methane by 2025”. The group is a nationwide assembly of professionals working to reduce methane emissions in the natural gas industry to 1% by 2025, based on the ONE Future model.

This group is going to be a tremendous resource for those of us looking to share knowledge, ideas, best practices, and even just articles of interest with other like-minded colleagues.

As the industry continues its efforts towards a lower methane emissions target, it critical now more than ever that we collaborate on what works, and what doesn’t. The more we are able to share what we are doing and learn about other’s successes, will help natural gas remain a competitive and sustainable fuel, even in a low carbon economy. Please visit the group when you have time, join and don’t forget to invite others. We look forward to seeing you there.

Richard Hyde, Executive Director