Methane Emissions Summit

Methane Emissions Summit

Last week, in Houston, ONE Future hosted our first Methane Emissions Summit; we had over 100 attendees with Anne Isdal from the EPA as the keynote speaker. From the positive response we’ve received, we’re already thinking about the next summit.   We had a variety of excellent presentations ranging from technology solutions that will help reduce methane emissions, to how our members are successfully working to reduce emissions, to how current policy and regulations affect our industry. I learned a lot and if you were in attendance, I hope you did too. If you couldn’t join us, here are my top 5 takeaways.

  1. 1. The technology used to reduce methane emissions is very high-tech – think drones.
  2. 2. ONE Future companies are leading the Natural Gas industry in the reduction of methane emissions and there are case studies that prove it.
  3. 3. Public-Private Partnerships work. NETL demonstrated how they worked with ONE Future to understand how the natural gas industry could indeed reduce methane emissions by following the ONE Future guidelines.
  4. 4. The future for Natural Gas is positive, with ongoing methane reduction as well as the development of new technologies that employ natural gas without burning it, thereby eliminating all emissions.
  5. 5. Current EPA policy is one based on science and laws.


You can find all the presentations here; please feel free to reach out to me, I welcome any questions or ideas.


Richard Hyde

Executive Director, ONE Future

[email protected]