Kinder Morgan’s Best Practices for Lowering Methane Emissions

Kinder Morgan’s Best Practices for Lowering Methane Emissions

Greetings readers,

At the ONE Future Methane & Climate Strategies Workshop in Houston, Texas, last month, Steve Kean, CEO Kinder Morgan, Inc., presented an update on Kinder Morgan’s efforts and commitment to reducing emissions from its operations. I wanted to share some of his key points with you in an effort to spread the proverbial wealth.

As a Charter Member of both the ONE Future Coalition and of the EPA’s Natural Gas Star and Methane Challenge programs, it’s clear that Kinder Morgan is making a robust effort to reduce its emissions. In fact, through voluntary efforts, including these programs, the company has achieved 94 Bcf of methane emissions reductions over the last 25 years!

Steve was quick to ensure that Kinder Morgan is committed to continue managing and minimizing methane emissions; companies must make it their business – not merely comply with the regulations imposed upon them and hope for the best. It’s a concerted effort that requires stewardship and dedication, especially if natural gas companies hope to mimic the success that Kinder Morgan is achieving.

So what’s the secret to getting it done? Steve graciously shared a few of his “best” methane reduction options, including:

      1. Pipeline Blowdowns —
        • Eliminating blowdowns through regulatory changes is the best option
        • Evaluating options to minimize emissions when blowdowns are required
      2. Compressor station leak surveys and subsequent repairs
      3. Minimizing station equipment malfunctions that are causing unit and station blowdowns


We’re glad to have Kinder Morgan as a member of ONE Future, and look forward to continued productivity on their behalf. Steve’s full presentation is available on our website for you to download, and of course you may view and download other presentations, too.

If you’re new to our blog, or someone has shared this post with you, I’ll leave you with a little background on our mission.

ONE Future Coalition is a group of natural gas companies working together to voluntarily reduce methane emissions across the natural gas supply chain, by reducing member company methane emissions to 1% (or less) by 2025.

For more on becoming a member, please visit us online.

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