4C Conference Reflections

February 13, 2019: 4C Conference Recap

I spent most of last week in Austin, TX where I was pleased to be able to present on behalf of ONE Future at the 4C Conference. The mission of the 4C Conference is to promote the latest emissions reduction technology and best Management practices in order to drive better environmental outcomes.

I participated as one of the keynote speakers, as a panelist discussing potential new markets and made a presentation as part of the Sustainability Beyond Compliance training session. The one thing that stood out to me overall from the conference was the technology that is already being deployed to reduce emissions. It was also very exciting to talk to people who have great ideas that are being developed that will soon be on the market.

I talked to several interesting companies, and the thing that everyone consistently asks me in regard to ONE Futurewas how did member companies achieve such a low methane intensity level so quickly.. This is exciting to me because it shows that there is recognition of the hard work that ONE Future member companies have been doing for many years.

2019 has just begun, and I’m looking forward to a full year of conferences, presentations, learning and spreading the ONE Future gospel – so to speak. Even though we’ve reached our 2025 goal to reduce emissions by 1%, I look forward to encouraging other members of the natural gas industry to join us in reducing methane emissions.

I look forward to seeing you this year!

Richard Hyde, Executive Director