ONE Future Announces 2018 Emission Intensity at Natural Gas STAR and Methane Challenge Workshop

November 14, 2019

The 2019 Natural Gas STAR & Methane Challenge Fall Workshop was held last week in Pittsburgh, PA. Prior to speaking on a panel, Tom Hutchins from ONE Future Member, Kinder Morgan announced to the audience that ONE Future had released its 2018 Methane Intensity numbers. The coalition registered a 2018 methane intensity number of 0.326%, a decrease of 41% from its 2017 number of 0.552%. Each segment realized decreases by varying magnitudes while realizing an increase in production and throughput. Tom then spoke on the Natural Gas Pipelines Methane Challenge Partner Experiences Panel, where methane challenge partners and EPA showcased partner experiences and accomplishments following the first year of participation and reporting to the program. His notes can be found in our Resources section.

ONE Future Executive Director, Richard Hyde was a guest on the Industry Initiatives Panel – an opportunity to learn about and discuss upstream and downstream oil and gas industry-driven initiatives. His full presentation is also available on the ONE Future website.

The workshop brought together oil and natural gas experts, researchers, academics, and other industry stakeholders to discuss voluntary methane emission reductions and ongoing developments. In conjunction with the workshop, ONE Future released its second annual methane intensity numbers. You can view that full press release here.