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Investor Benefits

Why ONE Future Companies Make Sound Investments

ONE Future’s overarching goal is to ensure the future of natural gas as a long-term sustainable fuel. ONE Future member companies created and joined the coalition because they understood that methane emissions were a real issue, but an issue that could be solved using technology that has been developed over the last several years, and that technology continues to be refined and improved.  Consulting with both policy makers and academia, our members are able to achieve our objective of lowering emissions in the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner.

While profitability still remains an investor’s number one motivation, conscientious investors also care if the companies they invest in are doing the right things for the communities in which they work and are good stewards of the environment, ONE Future companies check both of these boxes.

ONE Future has set a strong, science-based, target of lowering emissions, and has brought together the best scientific minds, and is transparent about its progress as it advances towards its goal of making natural gas a long-term, sustainable fuel.

Despite the volatility of gas prices, the medium to long-term fundamentals of the natural gas industry are strong because significant investment has been made into upstream and midstream infrastructure, and demand for the commodity continues to rise. The United States consumes 100 Trillion BTU of energy every year – 20 percent of global consumption. Natural Gas is approximately 30 percent of that consumption and because of the huge amount of reserves worldwide that percentage will remain the same or perhaps even grow because it is a clean and reliable fuel source. The companies that have long-term focus, and good corporate governance, continue to perform.

Our members are committed to being environmental stewards, as well as good neighbors, in the communities in which they operate. They are committed to achieving ONE Future’s strong, quantifiable target of lowering emissions, which helps demonstrate that not only is natural gas is a sustainable fuel, but an excellent long-term strategic investment.