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Congrats to the 2023 ONE Future Scholarship Award Winners

Cassie Gee

Notre Dame


Over the last twenty years, one source of energy has sustained America’s growing energy needs in a dominant fashion and that is natural gas. I believe that the abundant shale gas in America plays an essential role in meeting our domestic and global energy needs. This clean burning source is now powering a major portion of the electric grid while also lowering CO2 emissions at home and abroad by removing the need for dirty foreign fuel. We need to utilize all sources of energy in a complementary manner, but natural gas is the driving force in the development of all alternative forms of energy. I will promote the continued use of natural gas because affordable energy generates family-sustaining jobs, plays a critical role in the global economy, and contributes to America’s energy independence. Some people think America runs on Dunkin’, but it really runs on natural gas.

Katelyn Brennan

Colorado State University


After spending my summer immersed in the workings of the state government as a policy fellow, my suspicion that most people have no idea what goes into the products they use every day was confirmed. Contrary to popular belief, natural gas isn’t just an outdated form of fuel that pollutes Colorado’s pristine air through both its production and use. Instead, it has greatly increased the quality of life for people around the world, providing for advancements in medicine, food production, synthetic clothing, plastics, and more. In addition, expediting the transition to electric vehicles and heat pumps while simultaneously working to eliminate a large producer of electricity is anything but sustainable, adding to our communal vulnerability by increasing reliance on a single commodity. As ignorant as the general populace is about the ubiquity of natural gas, it is important to fight for something that provides valuable resources and grid resilience.

Andrew Meyers

Auburn University


I believe in natural gas because it is our country’s only reliable energy choice that is both sustainable and feasible. Natural gas is far more sustainable than both coal and petroleum, producing nearly 27% less CO2than petroleum and 42% less COthan coal while producing the same amount of energy. Unlike renewable resources such as wind, solar, and geothermal power, natural gas can effectively be stored and transported, making it one of the most reliable energy sources. Due to the existing infrastructure for extracting and transporting natural gas, natural gas creates the opportunity for a smooth transition into a future with more sustainable energy. I hope that one day I will have the opportunity to use my engineering degree to advance the way we extract, transport, and use natural gas.  I would also like to explore blending natural gas with hydrogen as a fuel to further reduce the carbon footprint of natural gas.

Kammi Chandler

University of Tulsa


Choosing a cleaner environment should not mean ridding ourselves of life as we know it. I will promote the sustainability of natural gas because the energy produced by natural gas is vital to sustaining the quality of life that we experience while making it possible for the environment to thrive simultaneously. I will promote natural gas through leading my generation against the stigma surrounding the energy industry by educating my peers on the truth and statistics of how natural gas is changing the impact of the energy industry on the environment. This will show that energy and environmental wellness can coexist, and it can be done through natural gas. I am passionate about the health of the environment, and I care about the sustainability of natural gas as a foundation fuel for America. Natural gas is the key to sustaining life. Natural gas is the future. I am the future.

Riley Ries

Texas Tech


Three generations of natural gas employees in my family have shaped my belief in the sustainability and necessity of natural gas in our economy. As new sources of energy like solar panels emerge, they still pose problems in terms of clean energy. The metals mined are more dangerous to the environment compared to the clean emissions of natural gas. Similarly, natural gas is a reliable energy source in times of danger and need. While living in Louisiana during hurricane season, I witnessed firsthand as natural gas was the only reliable energy source for homes when all power was lost. When looking at different scenarios, natural gas is proven to be one of the best sources of energy for individuals, the environment, and the economy.