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US natural gas is abundant, affordable, reliable, accessible and clean


The ONE Future Coalition is a group of more than 50 US natural gas companies working together to voluntarily reduce methane emissions across the natural gas value chain to 1% (or less) – we surpassed that goal four years in a row. 

The coalition is comprised of some of the largest natural gas production, gathering & boosting, processing, transmission & storage and distribution companies in the U.S. and represents more than 20% of the U.S. natural gas value chain.

The Goal: reduce methane emissions to less than 1% across the natural gas value chain.

Sustained Success

We beat our 1% Intensity
Goal by 58% in 2020

The 4th consecutive year of beating our goal!

2020 Methane Intensity


Members are 99.58% efficient in delivering a molecule of gas from the rig to the burner tip.

Prior Year Reports

Annual reports are published in Q4

In an effort to reduce Europe’s reliance on  Russian natural gas by 2027, the White House  has pledged to expedite US LNG projects to meet Europe’s energy needs. The US and  European Commission formed a joint task force to develop a standard to ensure that  US LNG would meet Europe’s strict methane emission requirements. Read ONE Future’s open letter to the joint commission on how  we are uniquely positioned to help; our coalition is already doing much of this work with four years of measurable success. 

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