Board of Directors

Lisa Carty
Director, Environmental and Regulatory Compliance
Ken Neupert
Vice President, Health, Safety, Security and Environmental
Apache Corporation
Matt Finnegan
Vice President, Resource Management
BHE Energy Pipeline Group
Edwin Mongant
Senior Manager, Environment and Regulatory
BHP Billiton
Jeff Hansen
Director, Gas Operations
Joe Dawley
Deputy General Counsel, Environmental, Safety and Public Policy
Amol Phadke
Vice President, Safety and Sustainability
Anthony Webster
Head of Environmental & Regulatory Affairs
Hess Corporation
Howard Dieter
Director, EHSR
Jonah Energy
Thomas Hutchins
Vice President, Environmental,Health and Safety
Kinder Morgan
Donald Chahbazpour
Director, Gas Utility of the Future
National Grid PLC
Kate Fay
Director, Climate Program and Policy
James Kibler President
Virginia Natural Gas
Southern Company Gas
Jennifer Stewart Senior Vice President - Government & Regulatory Affairs
Lizzy Reinholt Director of Corporate Affairs
Summit Utilities
Jerry Castillo Director, US Environment
TransCanada/ US Gas Operations


Richard Hyde
Executive Director