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Award Methodology

Criteria and determination of winners for the ONE Future Awards is a serious matter. In the interest of transparency, the methodology is detailed below:

  1. The ONE Future ‘call for award nominations’ will be published on our website, our social media channels, as an advertisement in Hart Energy publications and on its social media channels. E-mail alerts will also be also disseminated from both the ONE Future mailing list. The nomination deadline is August 31, 2022.
  2. Once an award nomination is received, it will be grouped within its specific award category. The nominations are then sent to the first stage ONE Future Awards judging team, consisting of ONE Future board members and industry experts.
  3. The ONE Future Awards judging team, independently of each other, read each of the submissions and decide if the nomination:
    1. Meets the criteria of the category
    2. Is a technology, product or initiative which is new in the last twelve months
    3. Whether it is a consideration for the finalist category, in relation to the criteria set forth and the other submissions in its category.

The ONE Future Awards judging team grades each submission 1 to 10 (with 10 being the most suitable for the finalist list). The first stage judges pass on the top five nominations for each category, unless the total nominations exceed 15, in which case six go on to the second stage. If there are less than five entries all nominations go on to the second stage of judging.

  1. The judges are industry experts from the natural gas field and academia. A packet of the finalist selections will be sent to each judge for each award category they have been selected to judge.
  2. With attention to confidentiality, the awards submissions are returned rated 1 to 10, and a staff member sorts the information, notes the winners and prepares the information for the ONE Future awards banquet.
  3. In the unlikely event of a tie following the second stage of judging, the tie will be broken by an impartial industry expert.

A maximum of three entries per category may be submitted by one company.

ONE Future member companies are not eligible to win an award.